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Over the past 3 decades we have helped hundreds of candidates to take their next step to career and start realizing their full potential. Whether you are actively seeking a new job or just waiting for the right opportunity to come along, we would be delighted to assist you on your journey.

We focus on your needs, not ours; Our approach to recruitment is different. We don’t employ pushy sales people and we don’t encourage people to apply for any job our clients need to fill, regardless of their suitability. Our approach is about genuine consultancy and focuses on building long-term engagements between candidates and clients.
We will focus our time and energy on finding you the ideal job, so we promise not to bombard you with details of roles that aren’t relevant. And our consultants will only send you to interviews after they ensure you are fully prepared and stand the best chance of success

We do things differently; when it comes to finding you the right job, we won’t pretend a square peg fits in a round hole. Our recruitment experts will give you honest advice and work to your timelines. We will only send you job opportunities that are relevant and we’ll only organize an interview if we are very confident that the company and job are the right fit for you.
We focus our attention on getting you in front of the right people and the right companies and will help you work out what’s right for you.
We’ll give you the support you need to find the right job and we’ll be honest with you about your skills, your CV and your interview style and performance.

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If you are looking for a new ventures , We Al-Karrim can be the first port of call along with getting your Career into shape.

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We’ll give you the support you need to find the right job and we’ll be honest with you about your skills,.

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Feeling let Down?? Not Moving up ?? Alkarrim we are there to push you up the Career Ladder !!!



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Al Karrim is there at your door step, We take the trust that you place in us very seriously.

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A recruitment company provides services to people looking for work. They typically informally interview you and then act as your representative, putting you forward to their clients that have job vacancies not always announced to the general public.

You will need to register for Job Search before we can find work for you. The registration process is really simple. Just submit your resume here after your details have been entered into our database one of our consultants will be able to contact you.

As with all job searching efforts, the success a candidate finding work rests solely on the individual’s capabilities, and experience as well as their interview capabilities. While Al-Karrim can play a vital role in helping you with your success in applying for a job opening, we cannot guarantee employment.

You do not need to take a job if Al-Karrim offers it to you. In most cases, it is wise not to accept a job that you know you will be unhappy in. Good recruitment agencies will try to find the best match for their candidates. Recruitment is sales based and the more employees they have working, the better. It is in the agency’s interest to find positions for new candidates rather than finding new jobs for those they have already found positions for.

If you find a new position or your employment availability has changed in any way, Al-Karrim would like you to notify us of any changes, to allow us to be able to serve you more effectively.

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