Executive Search

Through Executive Search we obtain candidates with high, professional qualifications and experience in a particular industry. Knowledge of our consultants and high standards of ethical business practice carried out under the Executive Search are capable of delivering high efficacy in the recruitment of a wide range of professions, from the highest level executives to a more diverse set of specialist and precise business posts.

Search & Selection

We are planning and conducting Search & Select for the mass recruitment projects aimed in medium and technical personnel. Searches are based on our database and advertising campaigns in the biggest Sri Lankan job portals and newspapers. We recommend the top candidates from all the applications we receive.

Assessment Centre

Our HR consultants lead candidates through practical exercises, which are directly related to the duties and responsibilities that the employee would perform in the vacant position. These preparations allow a deeper assessment of the true practical knowledge of postulants, to examine areas of competence that are must haves for the effective implementation of the appropriate tasks, and which also identify areas for positive development. In addition, the Assessment Center gives candidates a chance for a closer insight into the specific job offer.

Skills Tests

Depending on the requirements of the workplace, we conduct tests to assess the knowledge and professional skills of the candidates such as sales techniques, analytical, mathematical and language skills. These are developed or modified in consultation with the Employer's specific expectations of the position, with substantive support from specialists in the field.