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Al-Karrim Lanka Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., a Manpower Supply Services Company established in year 1980 to provide quality personnel to all fields of expertise to the entire Globe. We Provide complete recruitment solutions, sourcing and supplying quality staff throughout the Middle Eastern Region and Globally.
We provide highly qualified professionals and skilled labours to support with the best top, middle and lower level workforce in a medium and long term basis, We are a licensed agency to provide manpower to our clients to reduce the worries of our customers about compensation, insurance, labour law etc as we provide the Best. Thanks to our unflinching commitment to the best interests of the business and job seekers we have gained the reputation of being a reliable, fair minded and straightforward legal manpower supplier.


The group has established a leading presence in the key markets for professional recruitment around the world and has positioned itself in certain specified markets, which offer the opportunity for future growth. Within its current largest markets, Al-karrim Lanka has also built a regional presence, presence including in the Australian market. Al Karrim brand name is among the most widely recognized brands in the professional recruitment industry in our country.

Our company has made its mark in the manpower supply industry by catering with Tailor made solutions of all those we serve and the majority of our requirements are from “repeat customers”. There is nothing more important to us than exceeding your expectations as your manpower supply firm. The trust of the “Repeat Customers” is the bedrock of our company’s success.

I encourage you to meet us on communication wherever you may be to discuss our commitment to connecting you with those that will drive your business, embrace your vision and grow your bottom line, to roaring heights.

Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

It has been a great honor to serve as the Chairman of Al-Karrim, My desire for Sri Lankan people exposure of the world travelling frequently and enjoy discoveries and encounters of their personnel skills through employment with its benefits reaped monetarily. Al-Karrim’s founding philosophy, is seeking Migrant Employment revolution. Al-Karrim was founded in 1980 with the toil of few strong personalities. Since its outset, the company has Encountered a number of preconceived notions but has repeatedly challenged to break through.

Thanks to all are valuable clientele, the company has achieved greater heights in Recruitment. We will continue to uphold our Criteria and develop new services with the aim of pleasing and inspiring our clients. Furthermore, the areas of our Recruitment which one travels become revitalized, leading to their development. While interaction beyond national boundaries is enhanced, Al-Karrim wishes to see more smiling faces and continues to take on new challenges.

P.Pakiarajah- Chairman.

Director’s Message

My challenge as Director has never been greater! Fundamental shifts in the business environment and the rapid changing behavior of Clients of new competitors globally and the threat to be the number one player in the field of recruitment continue to be the key item on my Agenda.

Many of the Clients we work with are looking for modern leaders who are able to assist with strategy, implementation, and crisis management. Whilst monitoring company performance, ensuring ethical compliance, and communicating with stakeholders, we also help our clients by supplying candidates with specific skill set to the organization on the recruitment Agenda.

Our executive recruitment and headhunting service derives from the market for the best talent, and matches candidates to your business on both technical competency and behavior’s ensuring a great cultural fit. Our presentation tool gives you complete visibility and control of the recruitment process while providing in-depth and thorough candidate assessments that allows you to make an informed decision about the right person for your role.

Al – Karrim is your Choice for your Demands!!!

C.M.M.Nassar- Director.

Director’s Message

Our Asset

Al-Karrim Advantage


What are your goals? What does your ideal work life look like? Do you most enjoy talking to people? Working with numbers? Creating solutions? Taking technology further? It's all a vital part of what we do at Al-Karrim Lanka, And it all supports our main purpose: serving as trusted advisors in the world of work.

Every day, we help individuals around our country find the right fit and resources to be successful in today's world of work. We're proud that our company was founded and exists today to add value to people's lives and businesses. And we know that our continued progress is based on maintaining a great work environment where talented people can contribute and grow.

So take a look at what we do and where there's a place for you. Explore our vision, values and what we have to offer. See how you could change the world of work for the better. And how you can progress yourself - at work with Al-Karrim.


Our Process

Step 1
Executive Search
Through Executive Search we obtain candidates with high, Read More
Step 2
Search & Selection
We are planning and conducting Search & Select for the Read More
Step 3
Assessment Centre
Our HR consultants lead candidates through practical exercises, Read More
Step 4
Skills Tests
Depending on the requirements of the workplace, we conduct tests to Read More