Why should Al-Karrim Lanka be appointed as your favoured Supplier ?

Al-Karrim Lanka Consultants (PVT) Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified and Government Recognized Manpower Consultants Company in Sri Lanka. Having been in the industry past 3 decade as one of the Major Provider of qualified manpower to Middle East.
Al Karrim Lanka has an extensive computerized online databank and also have contractual access to leading premier jobsites which contains large database for all industries meeting the international standard.
Al Karrim Lanka has highly experienced and technically qualified aggressive Recruitment & Operations Team who conducts extensive sourcing of candidates throughout Sri Lanka.
The above adds up to our credentials to be an record of your panel of favored Manpower Supplier for your Projects.

What differentiates Al-Karrim Lanka from their competitors ?

We stand unique on the following points:

  • Our Selection Process
  • Our Reputation in the Market which enable us to attract more candidates
  • Our commitment to our Clients and candidates

How long Al-Karrim Lanka will spend for pre selections ?

Our Recruitment team will interview the candidates at least 2 times prior to a formal shortlisting of candidates. During our interview the recruitment consultants will do an in-depth personality as well as functionally assessment of each candidate’s experiences including an English skills ability assessment by native English speaker

How much information need to provide when briefing ?

The success of a Recruitment Consultants ability will rely heavily on the client’s needs being briefed in detail. The more information a company is able to share the higher our success rate. We have been successful where other recruitment solutions have failed because we act as a genuine business partner and vet all candidates to ensure they are closely suited to the opening we are tasked with recruiting.

What happens if the candidate does not work out ?

When the rare instance of a candidate not meeting expectations occurs, Al-Karrim Lanka provide a guarantee period of 90 days to cover our clients and replace these candidates. This ensures the risk of using a recruitment consultants is built upon our ability to find great candidates.

Where do we advertise ?

As a proved executive search company, we do not believe in using traditional advertisement methods that have shown to be costly and not effective in Sri Lanka. However we do make use of digital channels as both part of our search and promotional strategies. We do not charge our client any additional advertisement fees and all costs are borne by Al-Karrim Lanka.